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Coloring services

sunkissed balayage

The sunkissed sweep is a technique of about 1 hours of assembly to have a sun effect, so a tone-on-tone sweep.
From $ 110.00 plus taxes, selon le niveau de styliste.

complete balayage

Full balayage is a technique that allows you to have lighter tones at the lengths while keeping a natural effect at the roots.
this technique requires maintenance every 4 to 6 months.
From $ 160.00 plus taxes

Complete coloring

Complete coloring from root to tip
from $ 75.00 plus taxes

Root coloring

A solid color to camouflage white and gray hair
from 49.00$ plus taxes

global blonding

Bleach from root to tip. Requires maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks
from $95.00 plus taxes

Color remover

The Hair Make-up Remover helps lighten your hair without altering its natural color. Its technology will eliminate artificial pigments while preserving your hair.
From $ 69.00 plus taxes.

Paper highlights/ babylights

Lightening technique in which the strands of hair go from root to tip in a montage of papers leaving natural hair among the montage. The effect can be more subtle or more pronounced depending on the number of papers used.

Half head starting at $ 110.00 plus taxes
Complete head starting at $ 170.00 plus taxes


Product used at the sink to neutralize the yellow tones of blond, white or gray hair.

From $ 32.00 plus taxes


After the sweep, here is the foilyage! This new coloring technique is similar to balayage, by gradually lightening the hair on the lengths and ends, but in an ultra refined version. With foilyage, the coloring is perfectly melted and fluid for a most natural result!
 From $ 150.00

Face framing

Face framing is a technique for framing the face with lighter strands. This method is customizable according to the wishes of each one, it is possible to make large wicks reminiscent of the 90s, just as it is possible to make thin wicks more delicate but just as eye-catching.

Hair touch

The AirTouch technique uses air to create a homogeneous mixture of colors. The stylist takes a section of hair with tension over the longer lengths, and uses a blow dryer to push the shorter hair and inner layers down and out of the way.
From $ 200.00 plus taxes.


Woman cut and styling

Haircut with a styling.

Starting at $ 39.37 plus taxes.

Extensions habbit

What does the Habbit method consist of? This is a proprietary hair extension method. First, the stylists create a line with a thread of the same color of the head background and a few micro rings of a neutral color that is identical to that of the hair. Then on this thread they weave a weft called hand tied weft.

50g 350.00 $ plus tax, includes extensions, pose, cut and style.
100g $ 650.00 plus tax, includes extensions, pose, cut and style.
150g 950.00 $ plus tax, includes extensions, pose, cut and style.

Woman haircut

Woman haircut
from $ 25.00 plus taxes


from 28.00$ plus taxes